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We know that contemporary life patterns do not fit with a traditional real estate mindset. We know that our world is ruled by a mindset of materialistic abundance instead of energetic abundance. Success is measured by the size of your house and garden. But when you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence. We know our generation is wounded with solitude. We are struggling with the implications of living in highly individualistic self-contained homes. Our beliefs of what society expects from us interfere with our intrinsic ambitions, resulting in a lack of focus and a need for more. We are learning to appreciate the absence to gain a mindset of abundance. Our designs invite serenity and embrace solitary togetherness. We will provide safe spaces that eliminate distraction. That is why we promise to honour the architecture of serenity. To allow creation and deep rest. To enable solitude and connection. We promise to honour the surroundings and respect nature. Borrowings her resources, respecting her cycles. We promise to create timeless aesthetics, free from trends, drenched in authentic energy. Ever-lasting spaces to escape the ordinary, yet spaces that make their guests feel at home. Let them come to peace and be at ease.


Ibiza_Jackie Bohème
— Coming Soon | Ibiza
Love Cocoon II
— Love Cocoon Issue II
Love cocoon I
— Love Cocoon Issue I
Table at fonder
— Fonder Co-living
L’Appartement Jackie
— L'Appartement Jackie

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