Thinline Yoga mat


The Original Thinline Yoga mat (4mm)
A revolutionary mat for everybody. This exclusive allrounder meets the needs of every yogi out there. Suited for all types of yoga the Thinline provides an exceptional buffer for ultimate comfort. 

Mind The Balance meticulously designed this Thinline non-slip antimicrobial yoga mat especially for you.

– Comfort preservation and injury prevention
Shock absorbing high-density cushion for unparalleled support, joint protection and pain-free training. The tranquil mat blends perfectly with most surfaces (carpet, cement, hardwood floors, …).

– Non-slip surface
Medium grip allows you to flow high to low – and back – with ease.
The smooth surface ensures perfect stability: no slippery slope, no sticky touch.

– Naturally antimicrobial
Our closed cell surface keeps moisture and bacteria at bay, increasing longevity of the mat and ensuring effortless post-class clean-up.

– Ultra-thin superpowers
Our minimalist mat packs maximal luxury. Thinline is an open cell technology with 95% shock absorption, eliminating nearly all pressure points created by movement.

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