A guide to ritual and connection with the elements

OUSÌA is a 104-page book, filled with art, photographs and content around connecting with the elements. It contains:

– Introductions on the spirit of each element
– What each element represents in nature and within the context of our lives
– Elemental Astrology & Tarot
– Elemental Seasons & Lunar Phases
– When to connect to each element and how they can help us
– Elemental Invocations & Affirmations
– Elemental Rituals & Communing Practices

All this magic is explored for each of the elements, from Earth, to Air, to Fire, to Water and of course Ether. With this book Linda invites you to explore your own relationship with the elements. To tune into each of them, and to listen. To feel how they are an integral part of who you are.

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