Oil of the goddess


A ritual oil created to honour the Goddess (or God) within. Made with only natural oils and plants, many of which Linda personally foraged from the landscape around her. For everyday use, to bring a healthy glow to your face, hair and body.


✺ Rose Petals | The Rose is the flower of the divine feminine and the Goddess. It also helps to bring out your natural glow by reducing redness & acne

✺ Rosehips | The magical fruit of the rose bush, which helps to treat wrinkles by brightening and smoothing the skin

✺ Helichrysum | A little golden flower which grows on my island, which is anti-Inflammatory and anti-aging, helping with scars and reversing sun damage 🌞

✺ Bergamot, Orange & Lemon Peel | Tightening and Acne-Fighting

✺ Lavender | Calming, Soothing and Cleansing

All of these powerful botanical allies have been infused in 100% cold-pressed greek almond oil, over a slow and biodynamic process, with the help of the sun and the moon. Scented with the help of divine essential oils of jasmine & neroli.

This oil feels luxurious yet light, so that you can apply it on your whole body and on your face without worrying about breakouts.


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