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Meet The Maker | Linda De Wit

You might have seen the dreamy images of Jackie Bohème on Ibiza. Well, Linda is the talented photographer behind the lens. The light in her images is just as warm as her heart. So let us introduce this highly talented woman to you.

Linda De Wit


Linda, tell us something about your purpose

I changed my way of working from mostly thinking with my head to creating images by following my feeling. As a photographer, I started going with the flow. Feeling at that moment what we are going to do and creating this dreamy imperfect picture. A real picture. It's one of the biggest presents to learn to let go of too much thinking and perfection. After years of struggling, I finally could see this, started following my dream, and let go of all the things I thought would make me happy.

This is one of the reasons I started my new community platform “FOR YOU”. When I started to see the world with different eyes I shared all my lessons with my children, I wanted to give them all this wisdom. But finally... I wanted to share all this wisdom with ALL children. I wrote down all the tools I used to let all children be able to think and dream without limits, make choices from their heart and with this make the world a bit more beautiful. The world needs a new conscious generation of children who naturally promote happiness, gratitude and kindness. Now my platform is online and the first products are launching, I feel everything coming into the right place. The combination of my work is my own created dream. Capturing image with the eyes of a child and creating stories with the fantasy of a child, mixed with all the wise lessons I could learn as a grown-up. Perfect!

If your loved ones would describe you, what would they tell us?

creative, chaotic, caring & always dreaming

Where would you take us on a soulcation

I love Ibiza. I feel it has everything, but my second love is the South of Italy. The feeling of going back into time. The pure life about being together with good food and mostly making time to cook and eat. Touching and thinking about every detail of the meal. Back in time to raw living, slow living and pure simplicity. Nothing is perfect, but it feels more than perfect. It feels like a romance. The perfect place for me to dream and going back to the simplicity of life. Nature is raw and so beautiful.

What can we find on your nightstand? 

Always a good book and the crystal I pick for the week. Picked by feeling what I need.

What’s the first thing you did this morning?

I try to get up more early to start the day with some me-time but for now, the first thing I do is going to the kid's rooms and give them a wake-up kiss so they can slowly come back to the world.

Do you have some good advice for our readers?

Believe that everything is good as it is. Everything you dream about is coming to you as long as you really believe in this, maybe in a different way than you expect but it will be like it has to be. Everything is there for a reason, kiss and hug your past, your mistakes. Appreciate that you had the chance to learn from them. Noting has to be better and definitely not perfect. I love imperfect. 

Do you have a favorite playlist?

I’m a lucky person with a husband who works in the music industry and he makes the best playlists for every moment of the day. My favorites are our “Casa Blanco good morning” playlists. He created them for our Finca "Casa Blanco Ibiza

What beliefs are of timeless value to you? 

Everything happens for a reason.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do?

Nature. Definitely nature. It takes me back to basics. Seeing and enjoying all these perfect creatures, watching nature and animals through the eyes of a child, gives you the feeling that everything is ok. It gives you a new way of thinking.

When do you feel most like your true self? 

Swimming in the sea. I am definitely a “water sign” person. The freedom, nothing can beat the sea.

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