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Concept, art direction & creation Fanny Olsthoorn & Marieke Verdenius
Meet the Maker | Joanna Pietrzyk

Timeless Linen was born out of Joanna's need to return to the familiar connections and the assured calm of nature. Born and raised in Poland she left her country to study in France. From there she continued her journey through Europe and finally settled in The Netherlands. Living abroad made her realize that people in Europe knew very little about her home country. The need to share a little piece of her culture was strong and the love for linen, this beautiful natural material, was always present in her life. These two grew organically and Timeless Linen was born. 
Today Timeless Linen stands for items that go beyond time. You will not find trendy colors and new collections coming every season. With their linen they want to create a strong neutral base, made and meant to withstand the passing trends, building this way a warm and quiet environment where you can rest, stand still, and recharge. 

How did your path cross with Jackie Bohème? 
Jackie's story is a very exceptional story to me. It proves that a soulful way of doing business is possible, creating a community of like-minded people, empowering one another and going far beyond competition. Working with Jackie is always a great pleasure, the whole process and exchange are so warm and smooth that it rather feels like talking to a friend than doing business - exactly the way I like it! I am very proud and honored to be part of the Jackie family :) 
How would you describe yourself? 

If you have to describe me I can only say what I aspire for, and it is to be authentic, mindful, open and flexible and curious. And for my friends I know two words for sure, “peace and love” haha! I heard it quite often from my friends and family, asking me if I ever get angry at all... 

What can we always find on your nightstand?  

Books and stones. Books where I seek inspiration and stones I get from my daughter or the ones from our travels.  

Where would you take us on a soulcation? 

To Poland of course!!! There is still a beautiful, unspoiled nature there. Mountains, wild forest lakes and see, and silence - what else do you need :) And actually hoping very much to really take Jackie team there one day - this is my dream to rebuild an old cabin I have there in the Polish mountains… 


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