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Concept, art direction & creation Fanny Olsthoorn & Marieke Verdenius
The era of the hustler is over. Enter the era of the intuitive entrepreneur

Remember the excitement of starting your own business? Do you also remember the “advice” you received on how to make your business a money-machine? Having a growth-oriented mindset is an intrinsic aspect of entrepreneurship, but we have been framed to believe that growth should be focussed on sales and the number of followers on your Instagram page. As we have been going through this immense shift in consciousness, where intuition and softness are no longer seen as weaknesses but as strengths, we believe the era of the hustler is over. 

Concept, art direction & creation Fanny Olsthoorn & Marieke Verdenius

Cast the typical female entrepreneur for a movie and she would grab a green smoothie on the go and squeeze in a twenty-minute HIIT class between meetings. But most of all, she would adopt the highly masculine energy on the workspace because that seems the be the only way to be seen, heard and acknowledged. No raise without raising your voice. 

For us, intuitive entrepreneurship, or as we like to say “now age entrepreneurship” is a matter of relevance. We do not demand to be seen; we believe that we will be seen because we are relevant. It is like an act of kindness: would you still do it even if no one is watching? Would you still create even if nobody sees it? At Jackie Bohème we are not interested in having the biggest following or the market-leading webshop for a nomadic lifestyle. We are interested in creating a supportive and sustainable community. 

We do not demand to be seen; we believe that we will be seen because we are relevant.

As 2020 has been a crucial year in the mindset shift, our priorities have been solidified and our purposes have become clear again. The race has slowed down. We too fell into the trap of speed, but more often than not, speed is a sign of insecurity. We believe intuitive entrepreneurship is a journey, where there is room for rest, slowness, and discovery.  



As we know from old stories, the people you meet during a journey make the story worth telling. As soon as entrepreneurs start to hire a team, they expect a level of commitment that can only disappoint. Therefore, believing your business is the end destination for your employees can only disappoint.  We went through the same fear. We saw it as a personal failure when we had to let go of someone or if they decided to leave the company. But as soon as you realize that you and your staff are there to enrich each other's lives and that that sometimes means to let go when one of you has entered a new phase in their growth, you build a far closer commitment than any employment contract could ever do.  

Concept, art direction & creation Fanny Olsthoorn & Marieke Verdenius

We have become a society that seeks value in mostly external factors: purpose, compliments, healing and -on a business level- financial funding. Self-funding your own business with your own money and through revenue “will slow down your growth”. But the more the value of your business lies beyond yourself, the more you will be held back by societal standards. Building a business as an intuitive entrepreneur means acting from intrinsic values and purposes, not seeking it externally. That means that growth can be slow, but freedom is endless. To go and act where opportunities take you, without being pulled back. 

In a binary linear world, for some, now age entrepreneurship might seem a nightmare, believing it lacks in strategy, planning and long-term commitments. However, isn’t staying true to your purpose and values the most long-term solid commitment you can make? Isn’t being driven by intrinsic purpose the best strategic decision? Isn’t being prepared to rapidly shift your business activities the smartest way to navigate an ever-changing landscape? Intuition and intellect don’t rule each other out. Neither do short skirts and intellect, by the way. 

And like “traditional” entrepreneurship, now age undertakings are not free of failure. That’s part of the ambition. Don’t be ashamed to show your fragility and softness as an entrepreneur, even if it means owning up to failure. It makes us highly authentic.  

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