About jackie bohème

Jackie Bohème was founded in 2018 by Ellen Wauters. She felt something needed to change, in the way we live and in the way we connect. Driven by what we call a “now age philosophy”, she is a firm believer in the exchange of ideas and skills. She started by hosting breakfast gatherings for entrepreneurial women. Ellen’s mantra is “My sole purpose in life is to learn how to dance with all my passions.” From there, she and her team organically turned Jackie Bohème into an off- and online community bringing real estate and hospitality concepts like L’appartement Jackie, Maison Jackie, île and Fonder.


We are a team of designers, thinkers and creators. We have a love for the unknown and a longing to come home. We are excited where the world will take us and where in the world we can take you.

The core of Jackie Bohème will always be the community and sharing our ideas, dreams and network with likeminded people.

We provide both online and offline spaces, experiences and knowledge to love yourself better. Through events, workshops, articles and a curated collection of lifestyle treasures, you will find tips, tools and resources that strive to aid you in the beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Through spatial sanctuaries, we offer you the time and place to rest, reflect and focus, all around the world.

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Our values

Our purpose is to elevate and cultivate the practice of mindful living, in any form or shape, in any aspect of your being, in any phase of your life. As modern nomads, we carefully select how to fill our dedicated time, working from wherever an opportunity takes us. We focus on the things in life that really matter by interweaving architecture, interior design, wellness, travel and now age ambitions. We understand that this generation is driven by the experience economy, oriented towards personal transformation and self-discovery with a bigger focus on personal values, minimalism, and intimacy. We believe that to live a purposeful life,

you must live it to the fullest. Clear from judgement, free from distraction, all in love.






Driven by the belief that the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves. When we are able to connect with ourselves, understand our patterns, behaviours, preferences and needs – we can use these reflections and translate them into more aligned

personal, professional and creative practices. We are here for a collective of people who dare to dream. For the modern & conscious ones who embrace all things

beautiful in life.


Our designs invite serenity and embrace solitary togetherness. We will provide safe spaces that eliminate distraction. That is why we promise to honour the architecture of serenity. To allow creation and deep rest. To enable solitude and connection.


We promise to build a community founded on sincerity and meaningful connections. Where judgement has no place. Where you are allowed to dream, evolve and dance with your passions.


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